Downloading Roger's Math Whiteboard version 3.14159 could not be simpler:

Simply hop on over to our GitHub Release page and follow the instructions there.

If you have trouble while trying to download/install Roger's Math Whiteboard, here are detailed installation tutorials for Windows, Mac, Ubuntu and Chrome OS.

And here are some notes that may or may not be relevant:

Note 1: If you encounter an error informing you that your browser may be incompatible, we recommend that you head over to our old website and follow the instructions there to download our older Electron-based app (version 2.718.281.828). It is more compatible with older systems.

Note 2: If you are trying to open Roger's Math Whiteboard on a Mac, you may need to give Chrome or Edge permission to open files the first time you open it. You may also need to give Chrome or Edge permission to record the screen if you intend to insert screenshots into your presentation.

Note 3: If for some reason our Github Release page isn't working, you can download the zip file from here as well. Once you have it downloaded, simply extract it to a folder of your choosing and open the file named "Open-this-with-chrome-or-edge.html" with Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.

Note 4: If you receive a message about the window being too small, but the program seems to display and operate correctly, you can safely ignore it.

Note 5: It is no longer necessary to download or use the Electron framework with version 3.14159. Version 3.14159 only requires a modern desktop version of either Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge in order to operate.

Note 6: If you would like to, you are welcome to read through the list of known bugs or the release notes.